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Thursday, September 29, 2022


When starting work in McDonald's restaurants,


See what opportunities you can count on by joining our team.


Did you know that you can learn many of the competences required by the labor market in your first job? With us!

In the study "Market expectations versus employee skills - competences developed in the first job", the SWPS University checked which skills of young people are desired by employers from various industries. The results showed that students working at McDonald's stand out from the crowd! They are assertive managers who can effectively manage a team, communicate in a transparent way and appreciate their colleagues. Because who said that at 19 you can't become a manager?

Everything is possible with us!

Perspektywy rozwoju

Development prospects

Wytrwale dążenie do celu

Persistent in pursuit of the goal

Wykonywanie zadań zgodnie z instrukcjami

Perform tasks as instructed

Ułatwiony start w pracy

Easier start to work

Świetna atmosfera

Great atmosphere

Stabilność zatrudnienia

Employment stability

Rozwiązywanie konfliktów

Solving the conflict

Staff training

We have a clear path of development and promotion. We will provide you with appropriate training at each position. You will develop the skills and acquire the competences you need to be successful and have a chance for promotion.

Leadership Development Program

We believe that well-prepared leaders achieve better results. That is why, at every level of the organization, we support your development by providing high-quality development programs.

Regardless of whether you are just starting your journey in a leadership position or you are already an experienced yourself, at McDonald's you will find solutions that will contribute to making this path not only more pleasant but also supporting your success.

The Leadership Development Program is so valuable?

- supports you both as a leader and as a person, so that the interaction with the other person is more pleasant and effective
- equips you with tools that will allow you to take on a new role related to people management
- it raises your competences, so that the development to the next levels is something natural - supports your development so that, regardless of your level of advancement, you have access to the latest solutions;

How do we do it?

No other than by combining two elements, i.e. our values, with specific knowledge and experience. This combination will allow you to effectively respond to emerging challenges and matters of everyday life because:
- our values are a signpost that will show you the direction in which it is worth following
- the content is selected so as to meet real needs and our experience is large enough to support exactly the competences that you will need

What specific will you get?

- the ability to use platforms that (whenever you want) will bring you closer to specific issues and allow you to develop your leadership competences
- access to workshops during which, together with a group of participants and trainers, you will go in an active and engaging way through selected issues appropriate to your position
- opportunities to test, experience and deepen your competences
- support of a tutor who will actively accompany you at every stage of your development;

And if, after reading this, you were still unsatisfied, here are some proofs that the Leadership Development Program supports you at every stage:

  • Level 1 Have you just been promoted to a shift manager? In a moment you will be responsible not only for your own work, but also for people working with you on shifts. And this is a great time to go through the Shift Managers program and learn about the fundamentals of leadership.
  • Level 2 Do you already have your first change experience behind you and want to deepen your knowledge? The answer to this is the Advanced Shift Manager Program, which is dedicated to developing leadership skills on change.
  • Level 3 Are you already acting as an RDM manager, i.e. do you have a specific area in the restaurant under your care? This is the time for a program related to the improvement of the Leader's competences.
  • Level 4 Have you been promoted to a restaurant manager? Then now is the right time to train the next level to support you in running a great restaurant.
  • Level 5 And that's not all, of course. As time goes on and you gain new experiences, we continue to support your growth through our Advanced Restaurant Manager Program.