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Thursday, September 29, 2022


Before you hear it for the first time


We want to show you the advantages of working in our restaurant.

Our positions

Check what you will be responsible for,
working in our restaurants.

Employee / employee of the restaurant
Pracownik / pracownica restauracji
Welcome to McDonald's! We know beginnings can be difficult… but not with us. We will teach you everything and give you the opportunity to test yourself in various positions in the restaurant. Thanks to this, you will definitely find an area where you feel best. You will prepare products, serve guests and make sure that they leave us smiling. By the way, you will learn the secrets of the flavors of our products.
Intructor (ka)
Our kitchen and guest service have no more secrets for you! You can also pass on knowledge to others, so you will be promoted for the first time. Now your task is to introduce new employees and teach them how to cope with individual positions in the kitchen, at the cash register, drive window, service and in the room. Besides, you work hand in hand with the rest of the team.
Hospitality leader
Lider(ka) gościnności
Do you always show up where guests need help? It is a sign that you are the perfect person to be a hospitality leader - he is such a room manager! Your task is to make sure that guests feel good and are happy to come back to us. You observe the situation, help place orders, solve difficult situations. Hospitality leaders are true McDonald's superheroes!
Junior Manager
Młodszy(a) Manager(ka)
Are you already able to work in all positions in a restaurant, as well as transfer knowledge to other colleagues? It's time for the next step. You become a junior manager / junior manager - this is your time to learn how to manage a team and lead a change. You have new responsibilities and you replace the polo shirt with a blue shirt.
Manager (ka)
Now you are in charge of the changes! You manage tasks, arrange the work of the team and support employees in carrying out their duties. It is up to you whether the change is smooth and the guests leave satisfied. You improve your communication and motivating skills, make everyday decisions, and sometimes you solve difficult situations. You develop people and become a real leader!
Assistant to the Restaurant Manager
Asystent(ka) Kierownika Restauracji
You did great in the managerial position, so you will be promoted again. You become the manager's assistant. You get to know the details of running a restaurant, such as personnel policy, deliveries or budget, you are responsible for the brand image, explore the secrets of social responsibility. You are one step away from running a restaurant yourself!
Restaurant manager / manager
Kierownik / Kierowniczka restauracji
Bravo, you have a lot of challenges and achievements behind you, and a lot of fantastic tasks ahead of you! At this stage, all employees rely on you - supporting them is another challenge for you as well. You are also responsible for the effective management of the operation of the entire restaurant, including data analysis and sales. Now you are building the business and telling new people "Welcome to McDonald's!"