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Monday, November 28, 2022


Prestigious prizes for poppy female managers!

Five women, five CVs, five different management approaches. They are connected by work in Poppy and the prestigious The Global Ray Kroc Awards, which this year went to Kamila Czarnecka, Aurela Fiedoronek, Agnieszka Frąk, Agnieszka Płarańki and Weronika Władysiak. Congratulations!  

The biennial Ray Kroc Awards are given to a small group of 1% of the best restaurant managers and managers around the world. Excellent business results, acting in accordance with the values and being an example to others - these are the main criteria for awarding the award.   

79% restaurant teams and as many as 85% executives are women at McDonald's. The winners of the competition showed that a contemporary leader is not a strict dictator, but a cooperating partner. Their strength lies in the ability to connect, not to build divisions, and to set goals that engage and motivate teams. Let's check what their recipe for success is.

First, empathy and understanding. - I have always been convinced that team management should not be based on a culture of fear and austerity, but rather on cooperation, working out a compromise and trying to get along - says Agnieszka Frąk, restaurant manager in Lubin. - I have developed my own management style based on agreement. The band is not afraid of me, he is talking to me. I am very proud of it.  

Secondly, support for employees. - What kind of leader am I? Such a demanding soul mate who teaches, transmits knowledge and supervises, but at the same time supports and motivates. Everyone in the restaurant knows that they can come to me and ask for help - declares Aurelia Fiedoronek from Rybnik. 

Third, enjoy diversity. -Most of my team are very young people and students of really original faculties. I talk to them and gain new knowledge! I like how much we learn from each other and that despite our differences, we get on so well - admits Weronika Władysiak from Poznań. 

Fourth, education and ambition. - In addition to hard skills and operational knowledge, soft skills are equally important to us. As leaders, we participate in trainings and workshops that teach us, among others negotiation, motivation, decision making - emphasizes Kamila Czarnecka from the restaurant in Ostrów Wielkopolski (now she is an operational consultant!).  

Fifthly, joy and satisfaction with the challenges taken. - There are days when I come home from the restaurant to my children and I think I won't be able to do it, but the next day I wake up smiling and go to work with joy. I like a life full of challenges - adds Agnieszka Płarańka from Stary Sącz. 

Their combined powers 😊 create a recipe for the perfect manager!  

The winners of the Global Ray Kroc Awards are committed, motivated and ambitious. The awards are the best proof that properly set priorities, work and consistent implementation of goals translate into success.  


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