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Monday, November 28, 2022


Long journeys and suitcases full of money. Meet Jola Pejta

- Hey, adventure - this is probably Jola's favorite greeting, the heroine of the podcast from the "In different sMakach" series. And no wonder, because the manager of McCafé in Józefów is a true lover of travel and new challenges. On the Polish and international arena 😉

Baghdad, Iraq and… suitcases full of money

Her career began with a dream of traveling abroad. It was not by accident that Jola Pejta found employment at the Foreign Trade Center. During the People's Republic of Poland, it gave her the opportunity to travel. It started with Moscow and Brno and ended in the Arab countries. Jola was then living in Baghdad and Iraq, and she also managed to visit Kuwait, Algeria and Libya. The political transformation forced her, however, to look for new professional challenges. As it turned out, even in the seemingly monotonous job at the bank, Jola found herself at the center of the adventure. From this position, she observed the emerging capitalism in Poland and served traders who brought suitcases full of money from the 10th-Anniversary Stadium.

New job, new opportunities

In her retirement it was too quiet and peaceful for her. - I wanted to find a job for myself to fill my free time - he says. Another place for a life adventure turned out to be the McDonald's restaurant in Józefów and the position of the manager of McCafé. - This job turned out to be a big challenge for me, but it also gave me the opportunity to gain experience - he says. Are you wondering if such an active professional person has the strength for his own hobby after work? Jola is a volcano of energy - in her free time she rides a bike, swims, does Nordic walking and is planning another trip to the Balkans. It shows that everything is possible after the age of 60.

Various flavours

Jola is the first heroine of the podcast series "In different sMakach". We present the passions of McDonald's restaurant employees. In the following episodes we will meet: the super hero - Staszek; Kamila, who takes turns coming straight from the SOR or from the football pitch; a hunter of storms and fires - Andrzej and a master of bass - Szymon.

And if you want to hear, during which adventure Jola had to wrap a sheet in glasses, then play the podcast "In different flavors" as soon as possible.


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