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Monday, November 28, 2022


Sometimes Superman and sometimes the leader of hospitality. Meet Staszek Waligóra

You recognize a superhero by his costume and extraordinary skills. Staszek Waligóra - the leader of hospitality, the hero of the podcast from the series "In different sMaki" - in the suit of Spider-Man and Superman you can even meet ... at work 😀. What is his unique superpower? A talent to get along with everyone!

He has the power!

Absolutely everyone can talk for a while, no matter what they are interested in and what kind of person they are - this is the principle of Staszek Waligóra, the leader of hospitality in the McDonald's restaurant. Both at work and in everyday life, he is open and friendly towards people. He started his adventure in Maku at the age of 12, fulfilling his childhood dream - he celebrated his birthday here. A few years later, after graduating from high school, he returned to the same restaurant - this time to work. As part of her duties, she talks with guests and makes sure that they feel good with us, and spreads the positive attitude of colleagues with whom she cooperates during the shift. He is known for inviting the crew to sing the Disney song "I have this power" when it is really hard.

Would you like to know how his band reacts to these chants? Check out the podcast episode with Staszek in the lead role!

Specialization: the world of vampires

Staszek likes to play various roles. In Poppy, on the occasion of Children's Day, he already appeared as Spider-Man and Superman. - At that time, we were adding superhero toys to the sets. Plush Superman was standing in the display case, and you could take a picture of the real one or give a high five - he says. And in his spare time, our superhero specializes in ... being a vampire, leading role-playing games. In this role, he introduces the participants of the game to the imaginary world, sets its rules and quickly reacts to emerging changes and challenges. For this, he needs a great imagination, a talent for getting along with people and acting skills. As he admits, he also uses some of these skills in Mac. Maybe that's why he calls himself the mascot of the restaurant 😀.

Hear how Staszek plays the role, making a professional introduction to the game!

"In different flavors"

The great five: Staszek, Jola, Kamila, Andrzej, Szymon are the heroes of the podcast series "In different sMaki". By listening to their stories, you can learn how to use your experience when you are retired, what to do to become the president of a football club or how to find a place for yourself in a music band. How to combine all these passions with work at Mac? Check it out for yourself by listening to podcasts with our inspiring heroes!


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