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Monday, November 28, 2022


What do a hairdresser, an information architect and a physiotherapist have in common?

We differ in education, age, character, interests and professional experience. What connects us? Real development opportunity, flexible schedule and a well-coordinated team. We all work at McDonald's and we feel we are in the right place.

I am not going anywhere!

I could work anywhere else, but I chose to work at McDonald's because I like it a lot - these are the words of Lin from a restaurant in Cedynia, but we can all subscribe to them. Lin had finished physical therapy, but she knew during her studies that she would stay in Mak. - I regret a bit that I did not go to management and marketing, because this direction would be more useful in my work. And so only colleagues from work are joking that I could give them a professional massage, because I finished physical therapy. Lin does not want to stand still, because he knows that she could burn out professionally, so she cares about development and uses McDonald's training offer. Today she is a manager, and we feel that the promotion to a manager is only a matter of time!

Work is not enough

We love Mac, but we also love free time! It is true that it often looks like… we meet after hours. - Every time I come to work, we all say hello, it's very family. We even meet after work! I have never experienced it before, the team is incredibly well-coordinated, one call and we have an appointment - says Michał, an employee of a restaurant in Ciechanów. At Mak, she works with Agnieszka, who is a hairdresser by profession. - I couldn't find a job in the profession, so I applied to Mac. I was received with open arms! Due to the fact that we have a flexible schedule, I can pursue my hairdressing passions after work. For the moment I am staying in Poppy and hair will remain my hobby!

The development of passion is important to us, as is the balance between work and private life. In our teams there are many parents who are familiar with long walks with children, playgrounds, fairy tales and of course Happy Meale! One of such mothers is Ola from Warsaw, a graduate of art studies, who, apart from spending time with her son, loves to paint. - I can lock myself in a room and create for hours. My husband asks why it takes so long, but I love the process, I relax a lot then.

A schedule tailored to your needs

You work as much and when you want, which is great for people who are learning. And money is always on time, and this is not standard everywhere! Mak is the best job for students - sums up Noufal, an instructor from a restaurant in Warsaw, who combines work with classes at the university. He dreams of starting his own gastronomic business, which is why McDonald's treats it as a huge dose of knowledge and vast experience. - Every day I look at restaurant management and learn all the elements that contribute to our success.

McDonald's is not only students, but also mature people, including retired people. Each of us has our own affairs, so we decide ourselves how much we want to work. - At the beginning I worked time, then, and finally ¼, because I was gradually taking over the care of my mother - says Grażyna, who works in a restaurant in Kielce. - I have health limitations, I cannot work in the kitchen and at high temperatures. I mainly deal with cleaning works - in the hall, in the back room, in the garden. I work a few hours a day, not every day, mainly in the afternoons and evenings, because I was so comfortable.

Each of us has different reasons to work at Mac. Some come here for holidays, others stay longer, get promoted, train new Mac People. We work in a dimension that is convenient for us, and although we are very different, there is even more in common!


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